Behind the scenes

The adventure of Loco Lama started with the sisters De Vries and there passion for beautiful, crazy and cool products and enterpreneurship. Before the opening of Loco Lama, the sisters where also the initiators of the pop-up store "the Bush Bush". This temporary shop became the foundation to wish for a permanent shop. In September 2017, Loco Lama opened her doors at the Molslaan 35 in Delft. A concept store where creativity is key!

The concept

Loco Lama offers a divers product range - in particular interior accessoirs, jewelery, design products and vintage. For everyone something to find. Diverse priceranges are represented in the shop of Loco Lama, the reason why you can look for little gifts, big eye catchers and unique design aswell.

This moment you can find work in the shop of more then 20 different designers and makers. Who visited Loco lama once already, noticed that the shop weekly changes her style and products. You can find in the store colorfull products and unique tropical music. Above this all, we pack our present with a wrap of care, creativity and passion. Therefor every gift is at Loco Lama an “one of a kind”.

The future

Loco Lama is more then only a store. It is a place where people inspire eachother, meet eachother and where creativity is celebrated! In collaboration with different designers, Loco Lama has the ambition to offer creative workshops, styling advise, a studio with flexwork places for creative workers and soon an own label! Our vision is: there is never to much art, nor culture! Follow us on social media to be informed about all our ideas and plans!

Meet our team